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  1. Christopher M. Hobbs (hobbsc)'s status on Monday, 20-Mar-2017 19:04:48 UTC Christopher M. Hobbs Christopher M. Hobbs
    i think i might be in the market for a stinkpad.  what features will i lose if i get a (libre || core)boot x200, t40, or x60 (not sure if i got those models right).  if the stinkpad is missing a lot of features, what about the old crapple macbooks that can handle (core || libre)boot?

    while i am all for free software, i'm starting to get irritated with missing out on some handy features where the tradeoff to my individual freedom is not all that great.  so far the thinkpads look like a good option but i am concerned about usability.  essentially, i need to be able to code efficiently (ruby, lisp, and things on the jvm mostly), manage the network, run a couple VMs, non-laboriously browse the internets (i use tor a lot), do the digital correspondence thing, interact with my financial stuff, listen to music/watch videos, and play minetest/doom with my son.  i use a netbook to do about half of that now.  using a dock would be nice, too.